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A World of Connected Businesses

Whether you want to lower your costs or grow your business, the IBX Business Network can provide you with a solution that ensures successful business collaboration in the networked economy.

For Suppliers

Become the Seller of Choice

IBX Supplier Network will help you improve customer retention and strengthen your customer relationships by connecting your customers' systems and processes with yours. It will help you to manage:

  • Sales and marketing: Show your products in front of buyers in an active buying cycle.
  • Catalogs: Grow sales with rich catalog content. Maintain catalogs easily, including support for all scenarios from small business to large scale.
  • Orders: Receive accurate and complete orders, improve customer responsiveness and lower your ordering process costs.
  • Invoices: Quickly start with an easy solution to fulfill your customers' e-invoice demands. Scale up to system-to-system integration for a fully automated process with built-in validation and enrichment features.

Learn what you get  

Results achieved by our customers:

31% Lower Cost per PO Line

Deutsche Post DHL

90% Automation Rate


75% Less Support Questions


91% Contract Compliance

Trondheim Kommune

57% Increased Productivity

Deutsche Post DHL

88% Touch-less Invoice Processing Rate

500% Increased Usage

The Linde Group

31% Increased Productivity


87% Global Automation Rate

Deutsche Post DHL

80% Lower Invoice Processing Cost

For Buyers

Maximize Procurement Efficiency

IBX Business Network is designed to transform your procurement function for maximum efficiency for the entire source-purchase-pay process, increasing visibility, compliance and automation.

Learn how to increase procurement efficiency