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IBX Supplier Network

Increased profitability per order. Lower cost per transaction. Streamlined processes and efficient collaboration tools. Your assortment on 24/7 display to more than 350 large buying organizations around the world. Welcome to IBX Supplier Network.

All it takes is a moment of your time. Creating a supplier profile and getting a basic network membership is easy and entirely free of charge. Like the other 550,000 suppliers already transacting through our network, you do not pay until there is play. Cost only occurs in line with the volume of your transactions over the network. Now, let's have a look at the capabilities for a supplier in IBX Supplier Network:

Sales and Marketing

  • Make sure your business is considered when qualified prospects are ready to buy
  • Advertise your products to get new customers with Ready-to-Go Catalogs
  • Get quality leads and boost awareness among your target customers by having an attractive profile in the IBX Supplier Network
  • Make your bidding process more efficient with online RFPs and quotes

Catalog Management

  • Grow sales with existing customers through improved compliance to contract
  • Increase customer order accuracy and reduce errors in the order fulfillment process
  • Show your products in front of buyers in an active buying cycle and help them find your products with current specs and pricing
  • Choose between many available e-Catalog formats or quickly create one custom format that fits your exporting system
  • Manage all customer catalog activity from one easy-to-use catalog dashboard
  • Upload and publish catalogs in one single step

Order Management

  • Speed up your customer order process with end-to-end collaboration on order fulfillment
  • Receive orders online, via email or system-to-system
  • Ensure order tracking and completion in a timely manner
  • Eliminate delays with rule-based order routing and automated notifications

Invoice Management

  • Accelerate payments, eliminate errors and increase productivity with e-Invoicing
  • Flip orders to invoices, enter non-PO invoices or upload invoices via FTP
  • Send invoices system-to-system or via Virtual Printer to get a fully automated process
  • Deliver high-quality invoices with the built-in order/invoice validation and enrichment features
  • Ensure legal compliance with audit logs and archives while benefiting from IBX's extensive knowledge about local VAT regulations
  • Easy and timely access to invoice and payment status reduces payment insecurities and allows for improved cash flow planning while reducing accounts receivable costs


Once you have created your supplier profile, it activates your basic membership, providing you with the following capabilities:

  • A rich promotional company profile on IBX Supplier Network
  • Ability to receive Purchase Orders (via email, an online portal or direct system integration)
  • Ability to send Order Response and Advanced Shipping Notice
  • Respond to customer RFQs
  • Publish Ready-to-Go Catalogs for instant buyer adoption and connection
  • Monitor invoice payment status through the IBX Invoice Status Dashboard


We know that our customers - both on the buy side and sell side - benefit from these capabilities. We are confident that your organization would agree that 40% fewer customer support calls post-integration bring something good for all collaborating parties. The fact that the same changes can reduce processing costs by up to 75% tells us we are on to something good. We look forward to seeing you as a partner on the IBX Supplier Network

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